Ticats Backfield Full Of Options

Ticats Staff
Ticats Staff
October 4, 2011

Justin Dunk


A dynamic duo has emerged in the Ticats offensive backfield.

Ever since Terry Grant was added to the 42-man roster in Moncton, Hamilton runners have smashed and dashed their way through opposing defences. Two weeks ago in Moncton, Grant’s first ever CFL regular season game, Cobourne and his understudy rolled up 196 total offensive yards and three touchdowns. Last Saturday night in Toronto number 21 and 22 accounted for 231 offensive yards – 89 of which came on a burst of daylight to the end zone.

“He’s been called ‘daylight’, that’s all he needs is an ounce of daylight to get through the hole,” offensive coordinator Khari Jones said about Grant, his new backfield toy.

Grant’s speed and explosiveness has proved to be a perfect compliment for the steady and consistently productive, Avon Cobourne.

The wait was well worth it for Grant as he learned the nuances and toiled on the practice roster, running mostly scout team plays for the first 12 weeks of the CFL schedule.

“He is just more comfortable with the game now, Jones said. “When he got on the field in Moncton, he hit the ground running, you can only do that if you’re a true student of the game – really listen to all of the advice other players and coaches are trying to give you – he’s done that.”

“He’s always been tough so that is why he stuck around. He got a chance to run and people got a chance to see his speed,” Cobourne added.

“I went through this before in my life already,” Grant said. “I was basically coached to be in this position, it was easy for me because I knew my time would come and I knew I had to be ready. So I just practiced and prepared hard.”

The main voice Grant leaned on and used for guidance was that of his new backfield mate and former two-time Grey Cup champion.

“He’s a great guy, been in this league a long time – successful guy in this league,” Grant said of Cobourne. “He’s been showing me the ropes, Avon’s not one of those guys that doesn’t want to teach you, he’s willing.

“It’s been easy to teach him because he is thirsty for knowledge,” Cobourne said.

Coincidence or not ever since Grant has been inserted into Hamilton’s lineup the Cats have rung up 82 points in two games. The duo of Grant and Cobourne will surely cause some sleepless nights for opposing defensive coordinators.

“It’s a two way go with both of us in the backfield,” Grant, the 5-9 190 pound Alabama product, said.

“We definitely know he’s lightning. He brings a whole different dimension with his speed,” Cobourne said. “I’m more the power guy and quickness as well. I’m not as fast as him – I don’t think many people are.”

“We compliment each other well.”

As of now there is no nickname for the duo of running backs.

“I’m sure somebody is going to throw one out there real soon for the two of them, but as long as they keep doing well, I don’t care what you call them,” Jones said.

Having two multi-talented backs behind quarterback Kevin Glenn is a luxury Jones certainly doesn’t mind.  

“Both are great weapons for us right now,” he said. “It’s fun trying to find ways to get both of them the football.”