10 Questions with Delvin Breaux

1.How did you get the nickname “Breaux Show”?

In college, my good friend Alex told me I needed to come up with name. I always liked “Revis Island” but I wanted my own thing and then I just thought what about Breaux Show? That’s how it all started.


2.Who is your favourite athlete, all time or current?

Darrelle Revis.


3.Is that why you wear number 24?

Yes sir.


4.What’s a better feeling: An Interception, a sack, forced fumble or a game where you don’t get targeted?

Oh sacking the quarterback of course. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to do that very often, so that’s one of the best feelings. Zero targets is good too, but I want work.


5.Favourite pre-game meal?

Either some steak, or some pasta with rotisserie chicken.


6.Favourite cheat day meal?

I have cheat days every day man, I eat whatever I want to eat. But my go to is wings.


7,What’s your favourite spot for wings in Hamilton?

Stonewalls on York!


8.Who’s your favourite musical artist?

I’d have to go with Lil’ Wayne.


9.If you had to big one teammate to be in charge of the music, who would it be?



10.Highlight of your football career so far?

My first game in the NFL. I remember hearing my hometown crowd as I was walking out of the tunnel at the Superdome. That was special.

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