10 Questions with Simoni Lawrence

1.Who is your favourite athlete?

All time: Deion Sanders, currently: Jeremiah Masoli.”

2.If you weren’t a football player, what would you be doing?

“I’d be figuring out a way to help the youth. That’s always been something that’s important to me.”

3.What’s your favourite pre-game meal?

“Pasta and chicken parm.”

4.What’s your favourite cheat day meal?

“Pizza with extra pepperoni, extra cheese, extra sauce with about 20 chicken wings.”

5.Favourite spot to eat in Hamilton?

“Wherever is willing to let me taste test on the house.”


6.Who is your favourite artist?

“Meek Mill.”

7.If you had to pick one teammate to be in charge of the music, who would it be?

“Jumal Rolle.”

8.What’s your favourite Netflix show?

“All-American. Everybody go watch it, it’s really good.”

9.What’s your favourite hobby away from the field?

“Video games.”

10.Highlight of your football career so far?

“In 2013, we started 1-4 and we came back, and beat Toronto in the Eastern Final and went on to the Grey Cup.”

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