First and 10: Terry Grant

Q: You’re a Southern United States guy. How was your first East Coast experience at Touchdown Atlantic last weekend? What was the highlight of your trip, besides the game?

TG: It was pretty good. It was different out there, I had to adjust. I have a great room mate on the road though, Aaron Kelly, so me and him sort of stuck together. He’s from Atlanta and I’m from Mississippi, so we’re kind of similar. And just being out in Moncton was the highlight of the trip. I got to experience a lot of new things being somewhere new in Canada for the first time. It was a lot of fun.

Q: When did you find out that you were going to be on the 42 man roster for the Moncton game?

TG: Coach Bellefeuille called me in a week before the game and we watched some film and he told me what the game plan was going to be. And Coach Worman, the running backs coach, he sat me down and told me he had full confidence in me and to just get out there and do my job.

Q: In the second quarter against Calgary, you caught a dump pass to the right side — on your first career CFL snap — and cut it up field. You took a huge shot from a Calgary defender, but bounced off of the tackle and stayed on your feet, gaining the first down. Walk me through your first CFL play, from your point of view.

TG: That was a play that the coaches put in for me, a play designed to get me out wide on. Avon was also in the backfield at the same time, acting as a decoy. The guy that hit me, Juwan Simpson, was my team mate at Alabama, so he should have knew better than to hit me high and not wrap me up (laughs). Staying on my feet was just balance. I work on that every day.

Q: What was the celebration you did after your first CFL touchdown on Sunday? Where did it come from?

TG: I get it from Brian Dawkins, the Denver Broncos safety. It looks like I’m shooting the lights out, but it’s just leaning back and pointing at the sky.

Q: For those Black and Gold fans that are unfamiliar with you, how did your chance with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats come about?

TG: I had an extra year at ‘Bama in 2010, but I decided to take a year off football. I was tired and beat up. I took a whole year off and tried to heal up and I got with a trainer and he brought me back to football shape. My agent ended up getting me a try-out with the Ticats and Joe Womack liked me and called me in.

Q: Describe yourself as a football player and a running back. What is the scouting report on Terry Grant?

TG: I’m a speed guy. I can do it all, catch the ball and run, but my thing is speed. That’s what coach tries to game plan for. Get me out wide, get me space. Coach Worman calls me ‘Daylight’ because once I’m in the daylight I’m gone.

Q: You’ve been practicing and playing behind Avon Cobourne this season. What have you learned about being a professional football player from him?

TG: He’s just a guy that has been in this league a long time and he still goes 100% on every play. Watching him every day has just inspired me; it shows me where I can be in five years in this league or in another league.

Q: You return to the Rogers Centre this Saturday where you played a pretty good pre-season game against the Double Blue in June. You’re new to the Hamilton-Toronto rivalry, but what’s your take on it so far?

TG: I don’t know too much about it, I just know the two teams have a lot of history. But I’ll take it for what it’s worth. It’s another game for me. I’m just looking forward to going out there and dominating the game.

Q: E.J. Kuale, the Argos middle linebacker, guaranteed a win against the Ticats this weekend. What’s your reply to that?

TG: I don’t think they should count the Ticats out. You can’t guarantee a win like that because nothing is for sure.

Q: You flashed some talented kick return ability last week with a nice, 53-yard run back in the third quarter. You weren’t lying when you said your thing is speed. Here’s the real question though. Who is faster between yourself, Chris Williams and Marcus Thigpen?

TG: I’m going to pick myself any day. I mean, Chris, I think he knows he can’t beat me. Thigpen is a quick guy, but I don’t think he can beat me either. That’s just my take on it, but everyone has a different story (laughs).

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