Ticats’ Team Success Brings Individual Accolades

This has been the most successful regular season in Hamilton Tiger-Cats history. The Ticats set numerous franchise records, including most wins in a single season with 15 and most home wins in franchise history with nine. The team success is the most notable and most important but not surprisingly individual success has followed.


Wins and home wins were far from the only franchise records that were set this season. Brandon Banks set the franchise record with 112 receptions, eclipsing Luke Tasker’s mark of 104. Banks was also within striking distance of Tony Chapman’s single season record of 1656 receiving yards but ultimately banks fell 106 yards shy. Dane Evans also set the franchise record for completion percentage, finishing the season with 72.2% passing.


Not only did Simoni Lawrence set the franchise record for tackles in a single game, he set the CFL record for tackles in a single game with 17. Lawrence also finished the season atop the CFL in tackles, tallying 98 on the year.


The laundry list of personal achievements and accolades for the Ticats includes: 15 CFL Top Performers of the Week—five of them were named The Top Performer, seven Top Performers of the Month—with two overall Top Performers of the Month as well as a franchise record 13 East Division all stars.


Top Performers of the Week

Sean Thomas Erlington – Week 2 (3rd) – 15 touches for 165 yards.

Ja’Gared Davis – Week 3 (3rd) – Seven tackles and three sacks.

Brandon Banks – Week 5 (1st) – Nine receptions for 86 yards and two touchdowns.

Jumal Rolle – Week 7 (2nd) – Four defensive tackles and two interceptions.

Brandon Banks – Week 9 (2nd) – Nine receptions for 137 yards and two touchdowns.

Dylan Wynn – Week 11 (2nd) – Four tackles and three sacks.

Dane Evans – Week 12 (1st) – 31/37 passing (83.8%), two passing touchdowns and two interceptions, four carries for 42 yards and a rushing touchdown.

Bralon Addison – Week 12 (2nd) – 16 touches for 190 yards and two touchdowns.

Simoni Lawrence – Week 16 (1st) – CFL record 17 tackles

Dane Evans – Week 16 (3rd) – 25/32 passing (78.1%) for 359 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

Dane Evans – Week 19 (1st) – 32/41 passing (78%) for 452 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Tyrell Sutton – Week 19 (3rd) – 17 touches for 149 yards.

Brandon Banks – Week 20 (1st) – 11 receptions for 201 yards and three touchdowns.

Dane Evans – Week 20 (3rd) – 29/36 passing (80.6%) for 379 yards with four touchdowns and an interception.

Cameron Marshall – Week 21 (1st) – 18 carries for 109 yards and two touchdowns.


Top Performers of the Month

Brandon Banks – June (2nd) – 20 receptions 334 yards. 513 All-purpose yards with a 113-yard missed field goal return touchdown.

Sean Thomas Erlington – June (3rd) – 193 receiving yards and 224 rushing yards/

Dylan Wynn – August (3rd) – 10 tackles and six sacks.

Bralon Addison – September (1st) – 42 touches for 589 yards and four touchdowns.

Dane Evans – September (2nd) – 112/142 passing (78.9%) for 1,497 yards and nine touchdowns with 13 carries for 75 yards and a touchdown.

Brandon Banks – October (1st) – 26 receptions for 398 yards and five touchdowns.

Dane Evans – October (3rd) – 85/109 passing (78%) for 1,108 yards with seven passing touchdowns.


CFL Eastern Division All-Stars

WR – Brandon Banks – Sixth selection.

WR – Bralon Addison – First selection.

OT – Chris Van Zeyl – Sixth selection.

OT – Ryker Matthews – First selection.

OG – Brandon Revenberg  — Second selection.

DT – Dylan Wynn – Second selection.

DE – Ja’Gared Davis – First selection.

LB – Simoni Lawrence – Fourth selection.

CB – Delvin Breaux – Third selection.

HB – Richard Leonard – Second selection.

S – Tunde Adeleke – First selection.

K – Lirim Hajrullahu – Second selection.

KR – Frankie Williams – First selection.

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