Digital Season Tickets

Your guide to Digital Season Seats

The Ticats are excited to introduce free, all-digital and convenient access to your season tickets through Digital ticketing will allow you to:

  1. Convenient online ticket management to print and forward your tickets.
  2. Improved control and distribution when sharing tickets.
  3. Reducing risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets.
  4. Quick and easy mobile entry into Tim Hortons Field using a smartphone.
  5. With the reduction of paper, greater environmental friendliness.

Digital ticketing tutorial

Accessing your MyTix account

Visit and enter the email on your account and password to begin managing your season seats. Please note, you must pay your season seat balance in full to gain access to your digital tickets.

Can’t remember your password? Click the “forgot password” button.

Entering Tim Hortons Field: Mobile phone option

  1. Log into your MyTix account ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE
  2. Once logged into your account, select your game.
  3. Then scroll down and tap “VIEW BARCODE“.
  4. Present your smart phone to the Guest Service Representative at Tim Hortons Field and have the bar code scanned at the gate. If you have guests and have placed multiple tickets on your smart phone, simply swipe to navigate between them.
  5. If you transfer tickets to friends prior to the game, they can also access the ticket via their phone by simply following the steps in the transfer notification they will receive via email.

Entering Tim Hortons Field: Print at home option

  1. Once logged into your account, click the “Tickets” button on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the appropriate game you wish to print tickets for.
  3. Click the “Print” button.
  4. Select the seats you wish to print, and then click the “Continue” button.
  5. If you wish to generate new barcodes due to lost or stolen tickets, check the box beside “Lost or stolen tickets”.
  6. Select “Print” and your tickets will be downloaded as a PDF file on your computer.
  7. Print from the PDF file to your home printer, and you are done!
  8. Present your printed tickets to the Guest Service Representative at Tim Hortons Field when you enter the gate and have the bar code scanned.

Exchanging your tickets for a different game


Introducing the MyTix Ticket Exchange program for season seat holders! Can’t make it to a home game during the season? We’ll swap your tickets out of a game you can’t attend, and exchange them into another regular season home game on the schedule (not including Labour Day).

Beginning in May 2019, simply let your ticket representative know 10 business days in advance of any regular season home game that you can’t attend, and we’ll swap your seats for a different home game on the schedule. Policies and conditions apply.



Forwarding your tickets

  1. Once logged into your account, click the “Manage My Tickets” tile under the “Quick Links” heading.
  2. Select the appropriate game you wish to forward.
  3. Click the “SEND” button and select the seats you wish to forward. Then click the “SEND” button.

4. Enter the info of the person you would like to send the tickets to then click the “SEND” button. Information you enter here will be saved for future use.

5. The recipient can then print the newly generated tickets from any printer or add them to an account for mobile use.
6. We’ll email you once the recipient claims the offer. To cancel this action, select Reclaim to deactivate the offer.

Donating your tickets

  1. Once logged into your account, click the “Tickets” button on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the appropriate game you wish to donate tickets for.
  3. Click “” in the top right corner, and then select “Donate”
  4. Select the seats you wish to donate, and then click the “Donate” button.
  5. Select the charity you wish to donate to using the drop down menu, and then click “”
  6. Click “Confirm”, and your tickets are donated! A copy of the donation details will be sent to your email address.

Questions? Need help?

For more information about digital ticketing, please call a Tiger-Cats Ticket Representative at 905-547-2287.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best ticketing experience possible. Thank you again for being a very important member of our team, and for being the CFL’s best fans. We look forward to seeing you at Tim Hortons Field.